Baile de Época 3 de Mayo 2024 Madrid
Historical Week of May 2nd. From Sacrifice to Freedom.
Santoña Palace. Madrid, May 3rd, 19:00.

Victory Ball. Madrid 1812.

Some Historical context...

On August 12, 1812, at nine o’clock at night, a great peal of bells throughout Madrid announced the end of the French occupation of the capital of Spain. Although this liberation would be provisional and the imperial army would temporarily retake the city, those patriots lived this event with enormous relief and rejoicing.

Thousands of Madrilenians took to the streets to celebrate the victorious heroes, among them the guerrilla leaders of the party of Juan Martín Díez, the Empecinado, very popular among the Spaniards, and the commanders of the English, Portuguese and Spanish armies, led by Sir Arthur Wellesley and the generals Miguel de Álava and Carlos de España.

To thank the effort and reward the success of their liberators, the Madrid authorities organized several celebrations, among which a great ball was the highlight… 212 years later, historical reenactors will have the opportunity to travel back in time and bring back to life all those who attended.

How can I register?

Unfortunatelly, the attendance limit for the Victory Ball has been reached. For any matters related to this event, please write us at our email address

What is the ticket price?

In the EARLY BIRD phase (until February 14, 2024) the ticket has a special price of 70,00 €.

From February 15 (included) the price per ticket will be 85,00 €On site, it will be 100,00 €.

The relevant date for the price will be the one of the wire, not the registration form

I do not participate in the military reenactment, can I still sign up?

The Victory Ball is NOT an exclusive event for participants in the HISTORICAL WEEK military reenactments. Anyone who registers in a timely manner and attends the event properly dressed in period costume may attend the Ball.

In fact, those civilian reenactors who purchase a ticket to the Ball and wish to participate in any of the other civic-military period events of the Historical Week, may also register for these by sending an email to

Does buying the ticket, by itself, entitle me to attend?

Buying a ticket entitles you to attend the event, of course, but in deference to the great effort that all participants make to be well dressed and uniformed and generate a truly unforgettable atmosphere, the organization reserves the right of admission, which means preventing access to anyone who is not properly dressed or comes with clearly anachronistic accessories. If the organization prevents access to anyone who fails to comply with proper etiquette, the entrance fee will not be refunded.

The ticket includes attendance (voluntary) to the dance workshop on Friday morning. Details of where and when will be emailed to registrants well in advance.

How can I make sure my attire is correct?

Very easy! If you want to make sure you won’t have any admission problems, you can request a pre-admission by sending an email to, attaching a photo of yourself, with the outfit you plan to wear that day. You will receive an email within 48 hours confirming your pre-admission to the event. You can do this before or after paying for the ticket, but remember that no refunds will be given except in case of cancellation of the event. Ticket holder changes are subject to availability.

How do I comply with the etiquette?

The gala balls of that time were reserved for the privileged classes, bourgeoisie, nobility and army officers. In this event we wish to create, among all of us, a truly historic, special and unforgettable atmosphere, which will transport each one of us to that 1812.

However, we also understand that many reenactors come to Madrid from far away to participate in the military reenactment, and most of them do not have an officer’s uniform or the costume of the wealthy classes. For this reason, soldier and non-commissioned officer uniforms will be authorized, although their wearers must wear white stockings (without boot
or gaiter), polished black shoes, perfectly clean breeches/trousers and jacket (with optional breastplate turn-up to go «point blank»), black/white tie or handkerchief, and cloth, cotton or leather gloves, preferably white.

Civilian reenactors shall dress in accordance with the dress of the middle and wealthy classes of the fashionable period between 1795 and 1825.

Firearms and knives are strictly forbidden, as well as all kinds of anachronistic elements such as thick-rimmed glasses, piercings, and modern tattoos and hair dyes. Boots (without studs or irons) will be allowed, but it will not be possible to dance with them.

Below you can see and download the costume guides that the Master of Ceremonies of our big event, Alberto Paz, has prepared for you!

Does The Ball...have any dancing at all?

While this is a social event to enjoy a glass of wine with recreational friends, music will naturally play a special role in the event. 

string quartet will delight those present, as well as a dance teacher specialized in the period, assisted by several expert assistants.

 Where will the Victory Ball be held and how do I get there?

The Santoña Palace is a construction of the sixteenth century, renovated in the seventeenth century by Pedro de Ribera, and in the nineteenth century by Antonio Ruiz de Salces. It is located in Calle Huertas, No. 13, behind the Plaza de Santa Ana, in the heart of Madrid. You can get there perfectly by Metro (Antón Martín and Puerta del Sol stations), different EMT bus lines, Taxi/Uber/Cabify/Volt and your own car, although this is a Low Emission Zone of Special Protection (ZBEEP), so you will have to take into account the restrictions.

Be careful or you will end up paying more in fines than dancing! 

The Ball will start promptly at 19:00 on Friday, May 3, 2024. However, we invite you to come to Plaza de Santa Ana at 17:30…to enjoy a great surprise we have prepared for you!

Palacio de Santoña

Does my ticket include any food or beverages?

Of course, a cocktail party with food and drinks will be served at the event for much of the event. However, the Palace is located in the most fun and classic area of Madrid. At the end of the event, if you are a «good eater», you can always take the opportunity to eat or drink something else around the area dressed in period costume!