Words by Brigadier-General «Waffles» Henderson

I’ll fight and die then fight some more;
The Sixth will never waver!
Can Bonaparte beat Wellington?
Do me a bloody favour!!

I’m lonesome since I joined the Sixth,
One morning in September.
Whatever made me serve the King?
I really can’t remember.
But now I am a soldier brave,
And I am bound for glory.
I’m broke and lame and freezing cold,
But that’s another story.

We stood upon Corunna’s shore,
The Frogs were getting closer,
But did we run and wet ourselves?
Well, that’s for me to know, Sir!
Sir John was sitting on his horse,
‘Til roundshot he discovered.
We sailed away and left him there,
The bits that we’d recovered.

We sat on Salamanca plain,
And soon the Gauls outflanked us.
We played some cards and drank some wine,
They really should have thanked us.
‘Til Nosey said «By God, that’s it!»
And put us into order.
We shot the buggers all to bits,
And chased them o’er the border.

We hung around at Waterloo,
While Boney checked his army.
The Frenchies cheered and waved their hats,
We thought that they were barmy.
All day he tried to have his will,
But we would not be harassed.
We met his Guard and said «Hello!»
And kicked him back to Paris!

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